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These phone charms will be a great way to remind yourself and offer encouragement to not only you but everyone you come across!!! Spreading His word with a simple charm bracelet will go a long way!! Add a little style to your phone case while keeping yourself from dropping it all over the place! I’m always dropping my phone everywhere I go 🤣 I found myself catching it more once I placed the phone charm to it! Not only is it cute but it can work as a daily reminder and a safety precaution to save your phone from all those cracks!

Each phone charm is made to order. Customizable, add your favorite verse, name, or just a simple word that bring a reminder to who you are in Christ!

(10 letters max)

You won't have to worry about the charm breaking and dropping your expensive phone. Personally tried out before making bulk.

Fits all phone cases through volume or power hole.

Great gift for any occasion!

Phone case not included.

Neutral Nude Phone Charm

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